Additional charges listed below are included in quotes, except sales tax and shipping.

Production time is 7-10 days upon art approval.

E-mail artwork, quote requests or
questions to

Screen Printing

lp_screenprintScreen charges are $10 per color.

Printing light colors on dark garments
requires flashing (rapid curing of the
first layer so the second layer can be
printed on top). In this case we have
to print twice and thus an additional 40¢
per garment is assessed. If we are
printing on light-colored shirts,
this charge does not apply.

Printing on nylon or 100% polyester is
an additional 40¢ per print. Printing
on sleeves, pants, mesh or hooded
areas is an additional 40¢ per print.

Specialty Inks. This would be the
glitters, metallics, puff ink,
high-density ink, etc. Special
screens and prep techniques are
required to print. They also are
more expensive and often use higher
quantities of ink. A 50¢ additional
charge is assessed per print. If you
are not ordering any specialty inks,
there is no surcharge.

Individual bagging: 50¢ per piece,
including bags.

Art charge is $30 per hour. Vector art
is a $25 flat rate.

Ink color change. If we are printing the
same design, but in more than one color,
add $5 per change. This covers the time
and chemicals needed to thoroughly
clean the screens and prepare them
for the next ink color.

Pantone Match. Only applies if we are
blending the custom ink color. If you
are using our variety of standard colors,
no charge will apply.


lp_embroid_logoThere will be a digitizing fee which is
directly related to the size of the logo.
An average size logo is $25. If you have
a digitized file already,we can use it
and save you the digitizing fee
(in most cases).

Individual bagging: 50¢ per piece,
including bags.

Metallic thread or puff enhancement:
50¢ per piece.

Heat Transfer

lp_heattransfHeat transfer numbers: $2 for 6”
number placement; $3 for 8”
number placement.

Shipping and Handling


UPS shipping costs are based
on weight, dimensions and
zip code.

$100 insurance is included
with each box; additional
insurance can be requested.

Wrong address is subject to a
$5 charge.

Please indicate shipping to
a business or residence.


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